Discovering Uganda


Discovering Uganda

Auction starts: 28 April at 11:00 hrs London time

A variety of exciting lots have been selected for this auction, aiming to showcase a diverse range of flavours from this year’s harvest. Coffees range from 83.5+ points onwards with both washed, natural and experimental processing.

Overall Auction Description

Origin: Uganda
Varieties: SL14 and SL28
Harvest Months: Oct - Dec 2021
Score: 83.5+
Opening Price: 3.00

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이 경매의 로트

로트VarietyProcess점수Bags무게증가분입찰총 값/가치Estimated FOB (Rotterdam)제목높은 입찰자남은 시간
UG.22-001SL14Fully-washed87.01264.55lbs$0.10$5.10/lb$1,349.21$1,665.35Ayaka Fully-washedKakalove Cafe FINISHED
UG.22-002SL14Yellow Honey86.51396.83lbs$0.10$3.80/lb$1,507.95$1,956.37Ambe FW (Yellow Honey)Haru International Corp, FINISHED
UG.22-003SL14Natural86.251793.66lbs$0.10$3.70/lb$2,936.54$3,829.41Ajere Women’s Natural Pending FINISHED
UG.22-004SL14Natural85.751529.11lbs$0.10$3.30/lb$1,746.06$2,330.72Ambe Women’s NaturalPending FINISHED
UG.22-005SL14Fully-washed85.751529.11lbs$0.10$3.75/lb$1,984.16$2,580.73Leda Fully-washedGil Coffee FINISHED
UG.22-006SL14Natural85.751132.28lbs$0.10$3.40/lb$449.75$596.58Mitapila Women’s NaturalPending FINISHED
UG.22-007SL14Natural85.51925.94lbs$0.10$3.20/lb$2,963.01$3,981.54Pamitu Women’s NaturalPending FINISHED
UG.22-008SL14Natural85.51132.28lbs$0.10$3.50/lb$462.98$610.47Ayanyonga Womens Natural Pending FINISHED
UG.22-009SL14Natural85.251132.28lbs$0.10$3.30/lb$436.52$582.69Ndhew Women’s NaturalPending FINISHED
UG.22-010SL14, SL28Natural84.751396.83lbs$0.10$4.40/lb$1,746.05$2,206.37Masha NaturalManabet Trading Company FINISHED
UG.22-011SL14, SL28Honey84.751396.83lbs$0.10$3.30/lb$1,309.54$1,748.04Masha HoneyGil Coffee FINISHED
UG.22-012SL14, SL28Washed84.511,322.77lbs$0.10$3.10/lb$4,100.59$5,549.02Masha WashedPending FINISHED
UG.22-013SL14Fully-washed84.251661.39lbs$0.10$3.00/lb$1,984.17$2,705.09Gonyobendo Fully-washedPending FINISHED
UG.22-014SL14Natural83.51661.39lbs$0.10$3.20/lb$2,116.45$2,843.98CPB Womens Natural Pending FINISHED
UG.22-015SL14Natural83.511,322.77lbs$0.10$3.00/lb$3,968.31$5,410.13CPB Fully Washed Pending FINISHED

Coffee Connection: still available!

There are still some lots available form this auction! It would be incredible to see every coffee sold and keep supporting the farmers to connect with new buyers around the world. Perhaps take a look in more details at this coffees and if you are interested send us a message:

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If you are still not sure on how auctions work or how to bid, please check out our how to bid page or play around our practice auction:

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