Lot PAS-BR-22-011: Robusta- Aldeia São Luís

100% organic coffee free of pesticides. 


Lot Description

Reference Number:PAS-BR-22-011
Opening Bid:$3.00/lb
Weight:198 lbs
Varietal:Robusta Clones 25
Process:Sprouting Process
Harvest:from 25/07 to 25/08
Bags Size:30kg
Bag Type:30kg Jute with plastic Lining
Producer Cupping Notes:Very funky robusta profile, process forward. Big round body with notes of quality oak, dark chocolate, cedar, hints of floral notes as the cup cools.
Location:Alta Floresta do Oesto - Rondônia
Producer:Valdir Ferreira Aruá
Fermentation:Harvest, coffee washing, selection of cherry beans, fermentation for 12 days, drying on a suspended terrace, coffee processing, packaged for commercialization.
Drying Method:Suspended dryer

Coffee details

Tasting Notes:Very funky robusta profile, process forward. Strong body and hints of floral notes.

Farm details

Producer Name: Valdir Ferreira Aruá
Farm Name: Aldeia São Luís
Country: BRAZIL
Founding Year: 1910
Average Temperature: 32°C
Number of Coffee Trees: 12,000 plants
Location: Alta Floresta do Oesto - Rondônia
Average Rainfall: 100mm/day
Envoronmental Protection Measures: In the fertilization we use only the leaves and cut grass, irrigation technique through Microjet avoiding the waste of water, the seedlings were planted in degraded areas for the reforestation of the Amazon Forest.

Producer Story:

Located in Alta Floresta do Oeste – Rondônia, an area of ​​246 thousand hectares, surrounded by native forest, Amazon rainforest. 

The specialty and sustainable Amazonic Robusta produced by the Aruá indigenous family is a source of pride for the people of Rondônia. The young coffee grower Tawã Aruá, 22 years old follows in the footsteps of his father, Valdir Aruá, who in 2018 became a symbol of inclusive and sustainable coffee farming in the Amazon. They are from the village of São Luís, in the Rio Branco Indigenous Land, in the municipality of Alta Floresta D’Oeste, which is about 600 kilometers from the capital of Rondônia.

The Aruá family has been working with coffee for 18 years. Before participating in contests, agriculture was just a source of income, but now there is much more added value. Today, coffee is the appreciation and recognition of their work and their people.

The production of the Aruá family does not use chemical products, it is a sustainable Amazonian Robusta. It is carried out with attention to every detail in the harvest and post-harvest.

The family also emphasizes the importance of the forest not only for the indigenous people but for the world. They don't want nor need to deforest. The area they have is enough for good quality production.

Other info

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Coffee and cupping details

Clean Cup:10.0
Tasting Notes:sensiblecoffee
Comments:Very funky robusta profile, process forward. Big round body with notes of quality oak, dark chocolate, cedar, hints of floral notes as the cup cools.